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A Message From Our President

Dear Friends,

I am saddened by the amount of people who remain unaware of the vital role excellent nutrition plays in our health and its ability to reverse most chronic disease.  If we can change the way health professionals and physicians regard nutrition, then we can save millions from endless suffering and premature death!

At the Nutritional Research Foundation we believe that everyone should know about the power of diet to heal, prevent and recover from illness

I was inspired to found the Nutritional Research Foundation after spending more than a quarter century witnessing thousands of people recover their health from serious disease via nutritional excellence. Right now, there are literally millions of people with serious diseases who can be helped if only they become informed about these remarkable results. .

Explore this website to learn more about our organization. We are committed more than ever to advancing research into nutritional therapies in a timeframe that will offer benefit and healing for those suffering right now. With your support, we can accelerate our efforts to fund clinical trials to increase professional and public confidence to use nutritional therapies as a potent weapon in the fight against chronic disease.

The best health care is proper self care!


Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

President, Nutritional Research Foundation

The Nutritional Research Foundation, founded in 2013, funds clinical research trials to evaluate how truly powerful a nutrient-dense, plant-rich diet is for both prevention and recovery of serious illness.

How will these studies lead to real-time solutions? Our president and founder, Joel Fuhrman, M.D., provides some answers below.  Bookmark this page for periodic updates and additional information. If you have questions you would like answered, or want to join our mailing list click here.

Q: Are you heartened by the public’s current interest in a whole-foods and organic foods?

A: I am happy that more individuals are recognizing the importance of eating healthfully. If we all lived and ate healthfully we wouldn’t have as many medical costs, and more importantly we would tremendously reduce suffering and pain for millions.  However, so many are still ignorant of the powerful role superior nutrition can play in not only prevention, but also treatment of disease, and what constitutes the healthiest way to eat.  Though scientific studies and decades of clinical experience I have developed nutritional protocols that have been developed and perfected for various medical conditions.  The same foods and the same diet is not perfect for everyone and all conditions.

Q: What changes do you believe the Foundation will contribute through the clinical research studies it funds?

A: As we grow and expand the scope of our studies, we can give tremendous hope to people who have been erroneously told by doctors that their only recourse is to live the rest of their lives with a chronic illness. People with asthma can get totally well, chronic headaches can be easily eliminated and not return, fibromyalgia and pain syndrome can be resolved. We can finally offer hope from those suffering with autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis.  I also think these studies can make it possible to finally win the war on cancer in America and see the end of to most childhood cancers and brain tumors, because people will eat right even before conception. Nutritional excellence is really the answer needed by our modern world.

Q: What was the catalyst that drove you to set-up the Foundation?

A: My motivation stemmed from watching thousands of people over a quarter of a century recover their health from serious disease via nutritional excellence, and the response from the medical profession was doubt and ignorance. Instead of embracing this knowledge, they only accept randomized controlled trials as proof of a therapy’s soundness; eschewing thousands of patient histories. I realized that if we can change the thoughts of health professionals and physicians then we can save millions from chronic suffering and premature death.

Q: What do you feel the true impact of the Foundation’s work will be? How do you hope it will improve the day-to-day lives of medical consumers?

A: I can see a day when all patients are given life-saving nutritional information with the expectation that they can recover fully from their diet-induced disease, and they are informed about the true (hidden) risks of using drugs, instead. Everyone needs to be made aware of the effectiveness of a superior diet — it is life extending, restorative and energizing. As we grow and expand the scope of our studies, we can give tremendous hope to people who have been erroneously told that their only recourse is to live the rest of their lives with a chronic illness and take cancer-promoting medications prescribed for them.


Q: What is your biggest concern in healthcare today?

My biggest frustration in healthcare today is the idea that going to doctors and getting prescribed drugs is considered proper health care, when it really shows the failure of healthcare.  People are not even given the opportunity to choose to get better; it is just assumed nutritional excellence applied therapeutically is just too difficult or impossible.

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